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"Emotion" tour : The Agriates desert

A custom-made tour of the Agriates desert and its magnificent beaches.

Activities : boat tour (open to all), private boat tour, tour on horseback, on foot (strong walkers), by quad or jet ski, or on mountainbikes...

This tour is a perfect mixture of adventure sports and relaxation...
Not to be missed!

If you need any help organizing your tour, contact our partner : Corse Escapades
"Discovery" Tour: Cap corse

A day of discovery of the fascinating Cap corse on foot.
You must experience this natural harmony composed of jagged rocky landscapes, beautiful bays, creeks and beaches, villages and hamlets, churches and tombs, towers and bridges.
Lunch(lobster, fish), is often taken in Centuri -a protected fishing village-then we finish with a tour of Bastia...
Nonza, the Mattei tower-windmill (maker of syrups and liqueurs), Giraglia island, Erbalunga, Brando...are all along the way.

There is no rule against a nice swim as well !
The "Tradition" tour: Murato

A half-day dive, in the heart of the Nebbio. From here, you can see Oletta, beautifully situated on the face of a steep hillside. You can also visit Murato, village of the "interior", to lose yourself in the chestnut trees (you can also buy chestnut flour...)...Just before Murato, you will find the Saint-Michèle church. This curious church is a must-see, and don't miss the panoramic view of the gulf from here..

If you like "local color": plan a dinner at the farmhouse inn: Campu di Monte - Murato - from which you have a wonderful view of the gulf in original surroundings: this former sheep farm is dedicated to the art of Corsican cooking (in season-by reservation only).
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