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Corsica opens its doors, and through and it's paradise awaits you ...

Corsica as the Greeks called "Kalliste" which means the most beautiful, you will always throughout your stay to enjoy a diversity that is largely its rarity.

Both in terms of scenery and activity, the island contains all sorts of incredible wealth that delight the senses.
Feel the smell of the maquis, see the depth of colors, especially the turquoise blue waters and white sand that recifs green hills and forms. Hear the river water! just hit the hills of Corsica. And of course try our flavors ...

Découvrir la Corse

Dominique Plaisance
Location de bateaux avec ou sans permis

Corsica Rando
Organisation de randonnées en Corse

Saint Flo 4x4
Location de 4x4 en à Saint Florent

Saint Flo Quad
Location de quad à Saint Florent

Le Popeye
Promenades en mer, de saint Florent à la plage du Lodo

Huile d'olive Corse, L'Aliva Marina
Huile d'olive AOC, domaine de Sandrine Marfisi à Patrimonio

Office du Tourisme de Saint Florent
Portail de tourisme de Saint florent

Le Petit Caporal
Le Petit Caporal est le spécialiste du poisson à St Florent

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